Car ride

In the passenger seat, the reflection of her is overshadowed by many noise of the roads. A mixed motion of stationary mobility, a fixation of her present warmth intimately empowers my wheel through the continental highways and valleys. Her presence alone fuels the endless motion of the perpetual possibility. The highway forks, through many storms I wish to see you again, an unhinged smile. To hear you again, a voice rattles with the sound of unconditional love…

Changed many lane, the same direction remains, forgetting what it was that I want to see from the rear view mirror as I try to hold mements alive. Just to be there with you, your presence alone calms my ocean of pointless notions. Apologizing for the many battles we fought against each other as the rains floods my wiping windshield. Wish we could fight again but meaningless words and salty floods, the scars have been casted, the wounds can’t be sealed. Just want to see you again my dear, my love.


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